Education and Outreach Overview

A multi-faceted, interdisciplinary approach to education and outreach that highlights and integrates the research interests of SBC investigators and students while addressing environmental education and ocean science literacy forms the core of the SBC-LTER education effort. Our programs incorporate active links with K-12 students and teachers, curriculum development, graduate and undergraduate student training, direct public outreach, and productive interactions with the media, local NGO’s and agencies.

Field trip to a coastal estuary at the base of a SBC watershed
  1. SBC Schoolyard Program

    • Environmental Education
    • Ocean Science Literacy
    • Curriculum Development
  2. Math and Science Partnership

  3. Educational Resources

  4. Undergraduate, Graduate and Post-Graduate Education

  5. Public Outreach

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Children's book: The Golden Forest: Exploring a Coastal California Kelp Bed

By Carol Blanchette and Jenifer Dugan
On his visit to coastal California, Owen explores the kelp forest and sandy beach with his cousin, Neko, and his marine biologist aunt. After they discover a large piles of giant kelp washed ashore on the beach following a storm, Owen wants to learn more about where all the kelp came from. His curiosity about the kelp on the beach leads to a snorkeling adventure with his cousin and aunt. He sees an amazing variety of underwater life in the golden kelp forest: sea stars, crabs, lobsters, dogfish, sea lions, and more. Back on the beach, Owen learns the washed-up kelp is also the main food for some beach-dwelling animals. His aunt explains the importance of the kelp to the beach ecosystem, and the children learn how valuable kelp forests are both in the coastal ocean and on the sandy beach.
About the authors: Carol Blanchette is the Outreach co-director at the Santa Barbara Coastal LTER; Jenifer Dugan is the Project Coordinator at the Santa Barbara Coastal LTER