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LTER Network Core Research Areas

SBC research activities include the five Core Areas of the Long Term Ecological Research (LTER) Network. The LTER Core Research Areas are central to science, and require the involvement of many disciplines over long temporal and broad spatial scales. Read more...
SBC's interdisciplinary research is structured around a group of major themes which center on the LTER core research areas within the focal marine and terrestrial ecosystems of SBC. Several research themes extend across coastal ecosystem boundaries to capture connectivity in key processes and material exchanges. Abstracts, products, participants and other information on these themes can be browsed by core research area or ecosystem in SBC's research catalog.

Browse SBC research themes:

by Habitat:

  • Coastal watersheds, streams and riparian areas

  • Sandy beaches from the bluff to the surf zone

  • Submerged, nearshore rocky reefs and kelp forests

  • Shallow coastal water column

  • Deep mid-channel water column

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by Core Research Area:

  • Patterns and control of primary production

  • Spatial and temporal distribution of selected populations

  • Patterns and control of organic matter cycling and accumulation

  • Patterns and transport of inorganic material and nutrients such as N and P

  • Patterns and frequency of events that shape ecosystems

  • Social and historical processes

SBC Research
Diver in the kelp forest canopy