Connecting to the SBC-LTER Fileserver from Windows

Connecting from Windows XP

Connecting to the SBC-LTER fileserver from a Windows PC uses the Windows filesharing service, "SAMBA". Email SBC Help if you need assistance.

screenshot 1
Map Network Drive

1. On the desktop, right-click on 'My Computer' and select 'Map Network Drive' (you are already logged into Windows **). From a folder view, choose 'Tools --> Map Network Drive'.

screenshot 2
Folder: \\\homes

2. In the dialog box, the first free drive letter will show up in the dropdown box (U: in the example image). In the box below, type the name of the server and the 'shares folder':

  • your home directory: \\\homes
  • the SBC data disk: \\\sbc-data
and click 'finish'. Click 'reconnect at logon' first if you wish to log on each time you start your computer. Alternatively, you can create a shortcut to the server disk which will not require logon until clicked (see step 4, below).

screenshot 3
Enter Username and Password

3. You may be given a second dialog box asking for your username and password. If so, enter your SBC-LTER username and password, and click 'OK'.

4. The network drive will show up as "sbc-data on'Samba (version) File Server on". If you create a 'shortcut' to the server disk, then you will not need to map a drive each time. Clicking this shortcut will pop up the login box followed by the folder.

screenshot 4
Explorer view of SBC's directories on the data server

** Note: On Windows 9x/Me, you must log in to Windows (the local machine) with the same username and password that you use to map a network drive (the fileserver). To resolve this issue you will want to create a user account on your machine with the same username and password that you have on the SBC-LTER file server.