SBC LTER Fileservers

Our file servers are hosted by the Marine Science Institute. All project-related data should be stored on the servers, not on your desktop. Anything that is placed on the server disks will be backed-up nightly. If you lose any files, contact SBC Help, and we will do our best to restore the lost or corrupted file(s).

Fileserver Access

Reset your password or get help: SBC LTER Data Manager.

Every SBC account has access to internal data and internal web pages through a browser. Some accounts are enabled for SMB connections, and in some cases, shell (ssh) connection. SMB is the system that lets you "map a drive" from a Windows or Mac computer on campus. If you need assistance with your SBC LTER account or wish to change your account password, please send email to Li Kui, SBC LTER Data Manager.

A. Access via a Web Browser

Access to Internal Data (see the top menu) requires a login name and password. If you are not familiar with the directory structure, log in and refer to the Internal Site Guide or contact SBC's data manager directly. Your research group if often the best resource for answers to specific questions.

B. Access via a "mapped drive" - Windows or Macintosh

From an on-campus desktop computer (i.e., at UCSB), the server can be accessed from a desktop directory. Those responsible for data maintenance and processing use a mapped drive for writing files to the server. You can connect to the server from a PC running Windows XP, Windows 7 or 8; or from a Mac running OS-X.

More instructions can be found below.

C. For More Help

Remember, you can always download files from your browser, at "Internal Data", but you may not deposit files this way. Additionally, downloads via a browser will be one file at a time.

If you need a large number of files, the information manager can zip these for you. Contact SBC's data manager directly for more information.