Connecting to the SBC-LTER Fileserver from a Mac

Connecting from MacOS-X

Follow the instructions to connect to the SBC-LTER fileserver from a MacOS 8.x/9.x machine using the Apple filesharing service. Email SBC Help if you need assistance.

screenshot 1

To connect to a fileserver on a Mac, select the Chooser under the Apple menu at the top left hand corner of your screen.

screenshot 2
AppleShare: LSCF-ENet226

In the dialog box, click the AppleShare icon, select LSCF-ENet226 under the AppleTalk Zones, and click on the Server IP Address button.

screenshot 3

In the dialog box, enter ''

screenshot 4
Enter Username and Password

Enter your SBC-LTER username and password, then click 'connect'.

Choose Files@lternet. This puts an icon on your desktop labled 'Files@lternet'. Double clicking on this icon opens a window (below) which gives you access to your share of the SBC-LTER fileserver

screenshot 5
Files @ sbc.lternet
computer screen shot
Mac Finder view of Home Folder

Connecting from MacOS X

Instructions coming soon.