Connecting to the SBC-LTER Fileserver from a Mac

Connecting from MacOS-X

If you need instructions for for older Mac operating systems, see MacOS 8.x/9.x instructions.

Email SBC Help if you need fruther assistance.

screenshot 1

1. To connect to a fileserver on a Mac, select "Connect to Server" from the "Go" menu on the finder.

screenshot 2
Connect to server, with sample folder

2. In the dialog box, type the name of the server (below), and click 'Connect'. To add this server to your list of "Favorite Servers" click the "+" button. (Or click the "+" to see the servers you have already added to the list).

  • your home directory: smb://
  • the SBC data disk: smb://

screenshot 4
Enter Username and Password

3. Enter your SBC-LTER username and password, then click "OK".

4. An icon will appear on your desktop, and a window will open showing the directories on the fileserver.

screenshot 5
screenshot 5