2nd California LTER Graduate Student Symposium

Friday, February 4, 2011

  Mark Ohman Introduction - California Current Ecosystem LTER
  Rebecca Asch Climate change leads to earlier seasonal occurrence of larval fishes in the southern California Current
  Randie Bundy Iron distribution in the Southern California Bight
  Ty Samo Mesoscale microbial activity hotspots associated with water mass frontal zones in the California Current Ecosystem
  Russ Schmitt Introduction - Moorea Coral Reef LTER
  Kate Hanson The Influence of Food, Fish Size and Reef Habitat on Fish Growth
  Shirley Han Impact of mortality and recruitment on the spatial patterns of abundance in the sea urchin Diadema savignyi
  Lianne Jacobsen The allocation priorities for tissue energy reserves in scleractinians exposed to total nutrient limitation
  Caitlin Cameron The effects of simulated fish predation varying in type of damage and number of lesions on the growth of small corals in Moorea, French Polynesia
  Stella Swanson The feeding biology of the echinoid Echinostrephus aciculatus in Moorea, French Polynesia
  Jenny Gowan Coral-algal interactions along sedimentation gradients
  Anya Brown Influence of water flow on the outcomes of coral-algal interactions
  Dan Reed Introduction - Santa Barbara Coastal LTER
  Matt Kay Fishing, distance, and distance from MPA borders influence spiny lobster abundance on reefs at the Santa Barbara Channel Islands
  Dan Okamoto Food shapes variation in recruitment and survival in a marine fish population
  Kyle Cavanaugh Giant kelp forests and their responses to climate variability
  Catherine Shields Modeling linkages between effective impervious surface and urban vegetation productivity in semi-arid environments
  Shannon Harrer Modeling benthic understory macroalgal productivity
  Gabe Rodriguez Patterns of frond birth and death rates determine biomass dynamics of Macrocystis