Education and Outreach

beach field trip
Community group on a natural history tour of a SBC beach.

Public Outreach

SBC LTER investigators, students and staff are committed to sharing research findings with organizations, agencies, managers, and the general public who are interested in learning about their coastal environment and in applications of SBC research to policy and decision-making on issues concerning natural resources, coastal management, and land use. SBC outreach activities are diverse and include numerous public presentations on LTER-related research to non-scientist groups, education and training of public stakeholder groups (e.g. Santa Barbara Channelkeeper, Surfrider, and the Friends of the Santa Clara River), leading natural history tours, and contributing information on LTER research to news, magazines and film products for the public. SBC investigators participate in several public working groups to provide education and scientific advice and perspectives to decision makers and stakeholders addressing policies for coastal management, land use, natural resources and marine reserves. Additional information on these activities and products can be found in our progress reports.

Earth Day

SBC LTER has participated in Earth Day activities since 2008. With MCR LTER, graduate and undergrad students and staff host a booth which attracts several thousand people over the weekend. Students built a "virtual kelp forest" and "virtual coral reef", where SBC/MCR students act as 'dive buddies' for children who tour the virtual environments and collect data. Visitors to the LTER booth are able to ask questions and discuss research-related issues. The video at the left highlights some of the exhibit features during 2016 Earth Day (click arrow to download).