Identifier: knb-lter-sbc.93.10 (in the knb Catalog System)

Data Table

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Name: pH, Santa Cruz Island (PRZ), 2012-2015
Description: SeaFET pH from Santa Cruz Is (PRZ), 2012-2015
Number of Records: 22070
Number of Columns: 3
Table Structure:
Object Name: kapsenberg_2015_PRZ_seafet.csv
Size: 740 kilobyte
Text Format:
Number of Header Lines: 1
Number of Footer Lines: 0
Record Delimiter: \n
Orientation: column
Simple Delimited:
Field Delimiter: ,
Collapse Delimiters: no
Table Column Descriptions
  Date and time, GMT SeaFET pH internal, total scale Water temperature, Seabird CTD
Column Name PRZ_time_GMT  
Definition Date and time, GMT. ISO format SeaFET pH internal, total scale Water temperature, Seabird CTD
Storage Type dateTime  
Measurement Type dateTime ratio ratio
Measurement Values Domain
Format YYYY-MM-DD hh:mm:ss
Precision 1
Unit dimensionless
Precision 0.01
Type real
Unit celsius
Precision 0.01
Type real
Missing Value Code
Code 9997-04-06T00:00:00
Expl no date available
Code -999.0
Expl missing data
Code -999.0
Expl missing data
Accuracy Report      
Accuracy Assessment