Data Set (knb-lter-sbc.68.1)

Gaviota Fire Perimeter (Santa Barbara County, CA), June 9, 2004 - From Geospatial Multi-Agency Coordination Group (GeoMAC)

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Identifier: knb-lter-sbc.68.1 (in the knb Catalog System)
Alternate Identifier: DOI: 10.6073/pasta/734611a8520b00b0e428dcdccc45d855

The Gaviota Fire burned from 2004-06-05 to 2004-06-12, 15 miles west of Santa Barbara, Santa Barbara County. Approximately 7440 acres were burned (information per This dataset contains a KML polygon showing the extent of the fire on 2004-06-09, and was acquired by request from the Geospatial Multi-Agency Coordination Group (GeoMAC,

These data are based upon input from incident intelligence sources, Global Positioning System (GPS) data, and infrared (IR) imagery. See methods for more information.

Short Name: Gaviota Fire Perimeter, 2004
Publication Date: 2013
Time Period:
Detailed Data Description and Download:
Complete perimeter of Gaviota fire, 2004
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Contact: Information Manager, Santa Barbara Coastal LTER [  email ]
Contact: Walters, Sandra (US Geological Survey) [  email ]
Organization U.S. Geological Survey
Organization United States Geological Survey (USGS)
Organization National Interagency Fire Center (NIFC)
Organization National Weather Service and Bureau of Land Management at NIFC
Organization Remote Sensing Application Center (RSAC, USFS, NASA)
Organization Bureau of Land Managment (BLM)
Organization National Geophysical Data Center (NGDC, NOAA)

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How to cite this data set: . 2013. Gaviota Fire Perimeter (Santa Barbara County, CA), June 9, 2004 - From Geospatial Multi-Agency Coordination Group (GeoMAC). United States Geological Survey (USGS). doi:10.6073/pasta/734611a8520b00b0e428dcdccc45d855

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Santa Barbara Coastal, LTER, Santa Barbara
Santa Barbara Coastal LTER: Places Gaviota Creek
LTER Controlled Vocabulary fires, wildfires
NASA, USGS, remote sensing, satellite data, imagery, earth observation, wildland fire, perimeter

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