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SBC LTER: Reef: Long-term experiment: Kelp removal: Taxon-specific seasonal net primary production (NPP) for macroalgae

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These methods, instrumentation and/or protocols apply to all data in this dataset:

Protocols and/or Procedures

Net primary production (NPP) of Macrocystis pyrifera at SBC Long Term Experiment sites was calculated using the equation of Reed et al. (2009).

Reed, D. C., A. R. Rassweiler and K. Arkema. 2009. Density derived estimates of standing crop and net primary production in the giant kelp Macrocystis pyrifera. Marine Biology, 156: 2077-2083.


Net primary production (NPP) of macroalgal taxa other than Macrocystis pyrifera was calculated using methods described in Harrer et al. (2013). The protocol document contains an excerpt from Harrer, et al (2013).

Harrer, S.L., D. C. Reed, S. J. Holbrook, and R. J. Miller. 2013. Patterns and controls of the dynamics of net primary production by understory macroalgal assemblages in giant kelp forests. Journal of Phycology, 49: 248-257

Author: Reed
Title: SBC LTER Long Term Experiment Methods - Net Primary Production of Macroalgae
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