Data Set (knb-lter-sbc.52.5)

SBC LTER: Time series of settlement of urchins and other invertebrates

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Protocols and/or Procedures

Procedures for deployment and examination of sea urchin settlement brushes

This study aims to follow population dynamics of Sea Urchin settlers Strongylocentrotus purpuratus and Mesocentrotus franciscanus) over time and space. Settlement is measured as the number of individuals found on 85 cm2 wood-backed brushes per day. Brushes are fastened to ropes and deployed in two week intervals from 1990 to present from the piers at the following six sites: Anacapa Island, Ellwood Pier, Gaviota Pier, Stearns Wharf, Scripps Pier, Ocean Beach Pier and Point Cabrillo (see Temporal, Geographic and spatial coverage page for GPS coordinates). By 1997 taxonomic coverage at all sites was extended to include settlement of molluscs and crabs.

Author: Schroeter
Title: Sea Urchin Recruitment Brush Methods and General Information
Available Online: