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SBC LTER: Land: Hydrology: Precipitation at El Capitan at Upper Bill Wallace Trail (EL202), ongoing since 2004-10-01

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Data Set General Information:
Identifier: knb-lter-sbc.4003.8 (in the knb Catalog System)
Alternate Identifier: DOI: 10.6073/pasta/9d9f0db6b998b54673cf2e3d33c54346
Alternate Identifier: knb-lter-sbc.4003

Precipitation was collected at El Capitan at Upper Bill Wallace Trail in the Santa Barbara coastal area (site ID: EL202). A Tipping Bucket rain gauge from either Qualimetrics (Model 6011B) or Sutron (Model 5600-0425-2) was used. Data are reported hourly, and times reflect the end of the each 1-hour interval. Data coverage is 2004-10-01 to 2016-06-01.

Short Name: Precipitation: EL202
Publication Date: 2018
Time Period:
Detailed Data Description and Download:
Precipitation SBC EL202, all years
Precipitation data from El Capitan at Upper Bill Wallace Trail (station = EL202) from 2004-10-01 to 2016-06-01.
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Contact: Information Manager, Santa Barbara Coastal LTER [  email ]
Organization Santa Barbara Coastal LTER
Owner: Melack, John 

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How to cite this data set: Melack, J. . 2018. SBC LTER: Land: Hydrology: Precipitation at El Capitan at Upper Bill Wallace Trail (EL202), ongoing since 2004-10-01. Santa Barbara Coastal LTER. doi:10.6073/pasta/9d9f0db6b998b54673cf2e3d33c54346

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LTER, Santa Barbara Coastal
hydrology, meteorology, precipitation
Santa Barbara Coastal LTER Habitats Watershed
SBCLTER Sites EL202, El Capitan at Upper Bill Wallace Trail
GCMD Keywords, Version Earth Science precipitation amount, rain
LTER Controlled Vocabulary long term ecological research, hydrology, rain

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