Data Set (knb-lter-sbc.35.7)

SBC LTER: Reference: Daily and monthly averages of modeled significant wave height (Hs) and peak wave period (Tp) in the Santa Barbara Coastal area from the Coastal Data Information Program - Monitoring and Prediction System (CDIP MOP)

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These methods, instrumentation and/or protocols apply to all data in this dataset:

Protocols and/or Procedures

CDIP Model and processing

Information on methods and algorithms used by CDIP are available from:

General information

The model applies only to the mainland coast, and is not run for the Santa Barbara Channel Islands.

Determination of MOP Sites for SBC LTER

Model data are available for pre-determined sites ("MOP" sites). A web tool provided by CDIP (available as of mid 2011) for locating the MOP site nearest to a lat-log pair for coastal California, and was used to locate appropriate MOP sites for SBC reefs.Each SBC reef has 2 - 10 transects, and we located the closest MOP site to each SBC transect. In total, there are 17 MOP sites reported here, or 1 to 4 MOP sites for each of SBC's nine mainland reefs. Geographic information shows the SBC transects that apply to each MOP site.

Data Retrieval

Through 2010, data were available in large, bulk downloads via database queries. Data through 2010 for these 17 MOP sites were downloaded to a local database for aggregation. Raw data included several other modeled products in addition to significant wave height and mean period. Contact SBC LTER for more information.

Data storage and text export

Database views generated for daily and monthly averages of Hs and Tp. Averaging is based on sample time, in UTC. Views were queried and exported as comma-separated text tables using psql. More information can be found by contacting the SBC information manager (see contact field)