Identifier: knb-lter-sbc.33.8 (in the knb Catalog System)

Data Table

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Name: UCSB 200 daily precipitation, 1951-ongoing
Description: daily precipitation from Santa Barbara County station, UCSB200
Number of Records: 20834
Number of Columns: 3
Table Structure:
Object Name: UCSB200_reference_precip_daily_1951_ongoing.csv
Size: 326751 byte
Text Format:
Number of Header Lines: 0
Record Delimiter: \n
Orientation: column
Simple Delimited:
Field Delimiter: ,
Collapse Delimiters: no
Table Column Descriptions
  Date Measured Precipitation Flag Measured Daily Precipitation
Column Name Date  
Definition Date of measurement, UTC-8 Measured Precipitation for this date Data flag for precipitation data, contributed from both original data source and SBC LTER
Storage Type date  
Measurement Type dateTime ratio nominal
Measurement Values Domain
Format yyyy-mm-dd
Precision 1
Unit millimeter
Precision 0.254
Type real
Min 0.0 
Max 254 
Allowed values and definitions
Missing Value Code
Code -999
Expl no data available
Code -999
Expl no data available
Code -999
Expl no flag available
Accuracy Report      
Accuracy Assessment