Data Set (knb-lter-sbc.25.18)

SBC LTER: Reef: Long-term experiment: Kelp removal: Detritus biomass

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Protocols and/or Procedures

The biomass of algal detritus (or detached algae on the bottom) is measured within each of the six quadrats (1 meter squared) on each transect. All algal detritus within each quadrat is collected by a diver and placed in a mesh bag with a quadrat identification label. If portions of the detritus extend beyond the boundaries of the quadrat, then only those portions within the quadrat are collected. The mesh bags containing detritus are brought back to the laboratory where the detritus is sorted to species and blotted dry and weighed.

Author: Reed
Title: SBC-LTER Long Term Experiment Methods - Biomass of Macroalgal Detritus-20130525
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