Data Set (knb-lter-sbc.2001.15)

SBC LTER: Ocean: Ocean Currents and Biogeochemistry: Moored CTD and ADCP data from Arroyo Quemado, Site AQM

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These methods, instrumentation and/or protocols apply to all data in this dataset:

Protocols and/or Procedures

See the document for instrumentation and protocols for deployment and analysis of ADCP, CTD and thermistors at SBC moorings.

Author: Washburn
Title: SBC Moorings: Instrumentation and Protocols for deployment and analysis
Available Online:
Instrument(s): Seabird SBE37
Instrument(s): Thermistors (Stowaway Onset tidbits)
Instrument(s): bottom-mounted Acoustic Doppler Current Profiler - ADCP, 600 kHz (RD Instruments)
Instrument(s): AC-9 fluorometer (WETLabs Inc.)
Instrument(s): ECO-VSF (WETLabs Inc.)
Instrument(s): in-situ nitrate auto-analyzer NAS (W.S. Oceans)