Data Set (knb-lter-sbc.18.20)

SBC LTER: Reef: Kelp Forest Community Dynamics: Abundance and size of Giant Kelp (Macrocystis Pyrifera), ongoing since 2000

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Protocols and/or Procedures

One of the main strengths of the long term ecological research program is that it allows us to evaluate changes in the ecological community against the background of natural long-term variability. This long-term context is particularly important when we seek to distinguish between changes caused by natural processes and those caused by human activities. SBC LTER has undertaken long-term measurements of the abundance of reef algae, invertebrates and fish within permanent transects at 11 kelp forest sites in the Santa Barbara Channel. These data represent one of the core research activities of SBC LTER and they provide a relatively comprehensive description of community structure and dynamics of kelp forest communities within our study region

In this dataset, the density of giant kelp greater than 1 m tall is recorded in four contiguous 20 m x 1m swaths that run parallel and adjacent to permanent 40 m transects. Each transect has 2 sides. Kelp data is recorded on both sides of the transect tape (inshore and offshore) in two twenty meter long sections (0-20 meters and 21-40 meters) for each transect, resulting in four sections for each transect. See the protocol document for more information.

Author: Reed
Title: SBC LTER Kelp Forest Community Structure Methods - Density of giant kelp
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