Data Set (knb-lter-sbc.14.13)

SBC LTER: Reef: Historical Kelp Database for giant kelp (Macrocystis pyrifera) biomass in California and Mexico

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These methods, instrumentation and/or protocols apply to all data in this dataset:

Protocols and/or Procedures

  • Notes on data collection
  • Beginning January 8, 1968, data on kelp biomass were occasionally reported on paper as the sum of multiple beds (e.g. a single value was reported for beds 2 and 3.) In such cases, the reported tonnage was split evenly among the combined beds in the digital version.
  • prior to September 17, 1962, some of the bed designations used by ISP Alginates differed from those of the California Department of Fish and Game. Data recorded under these earlier ISP Alginates bed designations were entered into the database under the corresponding CDFG bed number. A conversion table of ISP Alginate bed numbers and CDFG bed numbers is shown below.

Author: Reed
Title: Overview of Historical Kelp Data Project
Available Online:

These methods, instrumentation and/or protocols apply to Data Table: Historical kelp biomass

Protocols and/or Procedures

Bed numbers in Central and Southern California were assigned by the California Department of Fish and Game; bed numbers in Baja region were assigned by ISP Alginates. Note that are some bed numbers were used in both the Southern and Baja regions, but refer to distinct beds in each region.

A table of bed numbers and corresponding name, location, length of coastline encompassed by the bed, size, and description of the bed boundaries is shown in Table 1 of the protocol document.