Data Set (knb-lter-sbc.1015.6)

SBC LTER: CTD profiles from UNOLS cruises in the Santa Barbara Channel: LTER15, 2006-02-02 to 2006-02-09

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Data Set General Information:
Identifier: knb-lter-sbc.1015.6 (in the knb Catalog System)
Alternate Identifier: DOI: 10.6073/pasta/99d414ca50939924e0a17f4ff9cc1f0d
Alternate Identifier: knb-lter-sbc.1015

The data described here were collected on LTER15 which took place from 2006-02-02 to 2006-02-09 on the RV Pt. Sur. Cruises have been conducted in the Santa Barbara Channel, California, USA, 3-4 times per year since March, 2001 and are approximately 7 days in length.

There are 4 basic types of measurements:

Profiles at 25 grid stations unique to the SBCLTER and 7 cross-channel stations (also occupied by the Plumes and Blooms project). Measurements include primary production, basic CTD parameters (Seabird 911-plus), inorganic nutrients, phytoplankton pigments, particulate organic carbon and nitrogen, natural abundances of N and C isotopes, and occasionally biogenic and lithogenic silica, optics, and/or dissolved organic carbon.

Two-dimensional sections of oceanic constituents are recorded in the top 120m with an undulating towed CTD scanning system (Scanfish) on both along shore and cross-channel transects.

Underway measurements: fluorometry, salinity and temperature are collected at a depth of 3m with a flow-through system which also includes continuous climate measurements.

Underway acoustic dopler current profiles were collected using a RDInstruments Workhorse 300kHz and RDInstruments Ocean Surveyor 75kHz ADCP.

Short Name: Profiling CTD from cruise LTER15
Publication Date: 2010-06-14
Language: english
Time Period:
Detailed Data Description and Download:
Profiles of binned downcasts from SeaBird 911-plus CTD system averaged over 1m bins. File format is acceptable input for Ocean Data View.
Profiles of binned upcasts from SeaBird 911-plus CTD system averaged over 1m bins. File format is acceptable input for Ocean Data View.
Profiles of dissolved and particulate constituents from bottle samples, plus corresponding CTD data from the Seabird "btl file".
People and Organizations:
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Contact: Information Manager, Santa Barbara Coastal LTER [  email ]
Organization Santa Barbara Coastal LTER
Owner: Brzezinski, Mark Allen 
Owner: Carlson, Craig A 
Owner: Siegel, David A 
Owner: Washburn, Libe 
Associate: Gotschalk, Chris (Data analyst)
Associate: Jones, Janice L (Technician, analyst)
Associate: Salazar, David (Field technician)

Data Set Citation

How to cite this data set: Brzezinski, M. A. , CA. Carlson, DA. Siegel and L. Washburn. 2010. SBC LTER: CTD profiles from UNOLS cruises in the Santa Barbara Channel: LTER15, 2006-02-02 to 2006-02-09. Santa Barbara Coastal LTER. doi:10.6073/pasta/99d414ca50939924e0a17f4ff9cc1f0d

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LTER, Santa Barbara Coastal
Ocean_biogeochemistry, phytoplankton, UNOLS_cruises
Knowledge Network for Biocomplexity Biomass, Carbon, Chlorophyll, Marine, Nitrate, Nutrients, Productivity, Radiation, Temperature
GCMD v6. Earth Science: Oceans Ammonia, Attenuation/Transmission, Chlorophyll, Conductivity, Density, Fluorescence, Nitrate, Nitrite, Nitrogen, Nutrients, Ocean Currents, Organic Carbon, Oxygen, Phosphate, Photosynthetically Active Radiation, Pigments, Potential Density, Pressure, Salinity, Silicate, Stable Isotopes, Water Temperature

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