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SBC LTER: Ongoing long-term kelp removal experiment

Size and abundance data of algae, invertebrates and fish collected twice per season in permanent transects (40 x 2 meter) at 4 permanent sites as part of the SBC LTER long-term kelp removal experiment. The experiment tests the consequences of consistent annual giant kelp loss arising from winter storms. The following manipulations are being currently maintained: Control- M. pyrifera surface canopy is left intact; Annual removal- M. pyrifera is removed once each winter and allowed to re-colonize over the course of the year, and Continuous removal- M. pyrifera is removed on each sampling date. The experiment began in 2008, and the continuous-removal treatment began in April, 2010.

All metadata and data:
Abundance and size of giant kelp
Abundance and size of reef fish
Abundance of algae and invertebrates
Percent cover of algae, invertebrates and bottom substrate
Biomass of macroalgae
Biomass of macroalgal detritus
Understory kelp allometrics
Sea urchin size structure
Irradiance (PAR) at the surface and seafloor
Net primary production of macroalgae
Bottom topography