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SBC LTER: Ongoing time-series of moored instruments

Currents and hydrography data have been collected by at several reef sites since 2001 to observe patterns of transport and processing. Sites are located on the outer edge of kelp forests in 10-16m of water. Instruments include: bottom-mounted acoustic doppler current profiler (ADCP), CTD mounted in mid-water and thermistors mounted at bottom, midwater and near the surface. Data were aggregated into 1m bins and interpolated onto a 20 min grid.

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Alegria (ALE): 2001-ongoing
Arroyo Quemado (ARQ): 2004-ongoing (also see AQM, with inactive sites)
Naples (NAP): 2001-ongoing
Mohawk (MKO): 2005-ongoing
Carpinteria (CAR): 2001-ongoing