Nicholas Schooler

Graduate student, degree program: MS
Interdepartmental Graduate Program in Marine Science
University of California
Santa Barbara CA 93106


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I am interested in the status and trends in biodiversity and ecological function of sandy beach ecosystems, which make up ~75% of the California coastline. My research will evaluate hypotheses concerning alteration in intertidal biodiversity as a result of shifts in species distributions along with habitat change in response to climate change, other press and pulse environmental drivers, and a variety of anthropogenic activities over the last 30+ years using a combination of historic, mid-range and new datasets. My project will benefit from the core research on SBC beaches and historic and modern data on the abundance of giant kelp, a key resource for beach ecosystems, collected by the SBC LTER for my analyses. SBC-LTER will also be a source of expertise and digital infrastructure needed to archive the newly aquired historic datasets from California beaches.