Nick Nidzieko (Homepage)

Assistant Professor
Department of Geography
University of California Santa Barbara


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Research interests: Coastal oceanography, physical processes in kelp ecosystems, fate and transport of terrestrial material in the coastal ocean

My research focuses on how physical processes affect ecosystem function in kelp forests, work that relies on the interdisciplinary and collaborative nature of the SBC LTER. The physical processes of interest include tides, wind-driven circulation and mixing, internal waves, and submesoscale processes; the relative magnitude of these forcing mechanisms varies depending on where a kelp forest is located along the coast and what time of year it is. At an ecosystem level, I am interested in how primary production and nutrient cycling vary in response (or not) to the spatial and temporal variability imposed by physical processes. My work uses a variety of observational tools, including moorings, ship-based surveys, autonomous underwater vehicles, and remote sensing.

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