Max Castorani (Homepage)

Department of Environmental Sciences
University of Virginia
291 McCormick Road, Clark Hall
P.O. Box 400123
Charlottesville, VA 22904-4123

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Research interests: marine ecology, population dynamics, community ecology, metapopulations, disturbance and stress, seagrass, kelp

My research seeks to explain and predict how environmental change influences population and community dynamics in coastal marine and estuarine ecosystems, with an emphasis on impacts to habitat-forming kelps and seagrasses. I am particularly interested how metapopulation processes, such as the size, connectivity, and arrangement of rocky reef habitats, influence the response of giant kelp populations to environmental variability, including wave disturbance and nutrient availability. The comprehensive, long-term data generated at the SBC LTER provide an unprecedented opportunity to study how numerous abiotic and biotic factors influence giant kelp population resilience and recovery dynamics over broad spatial and temporal scales. To address my research questions, I incorporate observational and experimental data with statistical and theoretical models.

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