David Lopez-Carr (Homepage)

Assistant Professor
Department of Geography
3611 Ellison Hall
University of California
Santa Barbara, CA 93106-4060


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Research interests: Human dimensions of global environmental change, land use/cover change, human migration, fertility, and health

My research with SBC LTER focuses on how humans impact coastal marine ecosystems, and the adaptations of humans to environmental change in these systems. In this capacity I am co-leading (H. Lenihan) a cross-site study with MCR LTER that investigates how fishing, an economically and socially important form of disturbance, influences ecosystem services provided by giant kelp forests and coral reefs. The study, which is being supported by a supplement from NSF’s SBE program, examines human-reef interactions under a wide range of environmental conditions and vastly different scales of economic enterprise, social complexity, and management efforts.

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