Naomi Tague (Homepage)

Assistant Professor
Donald Bren School of Environmental Science and Management
University of Calfornia
Santa Barbara, CA 96106-5131


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Research interests: Interactions between hydrology and ecosystem processes , climate and land use change

My research focuses on the development and application of spatial process-based models of terrestrial carbon, water and nutrient cycling. Current investigations use LTER monitoring of stream flow and stream chemistry as well as remote sensing analysis of terrestrial vegetation and land use to improve the parameterization of coupled eco-hydrologic models. My group is particularly interested in using these models to investigate how fine-scale heterogeneity in urban, agricultural and chapparal dominated systems influence watershed scale fluxes into the coastal zone. Improving our capability to model these systems also contributes to SBC LTER’s analyses of the impacts of fire, landuse change and climate warming on water resources and ecosystem services in semi-arid coastal environments.

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