Carol Blanchette (Homepage)

Associate Research Biologist
Marine Science Institute
University of California
Santa Barbara, CA 93106

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Research interests: marine ecology, ocean acidification, marine protected areas, intertidal ecology, science education, biodiversity

My research is focused on marine ecology, however I have wide range of related interests in other topics ranging from network theory to science education. Much of my current research focuses on the ecology of coastal benthic communities and interactions with the nearshore oceanography. As the SBC LTER Co-Director of Education I work with SBC scientists, staff, and students in various K-12 and public education programs. I lead the Biodiversity strand of the NSF-funded Math Science Partnership program: Pathways to Ecological Literacy focused on developing research-based environmental literacy learning progressions for 6-12 grades. Our site-based programs bring teachers and students to the UCSB campus to increase content knowledge about key science concepts that relate to the SBC LTER research program.

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