Ali Whitmer

Assistant Dean of Sciences
Georgetown College
Georgetown University
Washington, DC 20057-1003


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Research interests: Population genetics of marine algae, science education and outreach

As the Education/Outreach Coordinator I work with SBC scientists, staff, and students in various K-12 and public education programs. Together with UCSB and LTER science education specialists, I develop the integrative themes that frame the work we do, particularly with K-12 students and teachers. These initiatives take two forms: research in science education and hands-on programming for students and teachers. Science Education Research: SBC LTER is currently a partner in two NSF-funded projects. CoastLines, funded through the ITEST program, is a teacher professional development project aimed at bringing GIS into middle and high school classrooms. Teachers work with LTER GIS data and develop curricula around LTER core research themes. Our summer PD program will occur at the SBC LTER site in 2010. Pathways to Ecological Literacy, funded through MSP, focuses on developing research-based environmental literacy learning progressions for 6-12 grades. Hands-on Programs: Our site-based programs bring teachers and students to the UCSB campus to increase content knowledge about key science concepts that relate to the SBC LTER research program. We focus on under-represented groups in the sciences by working with minority and female students as well as in schools with high percentages of minority and free/reduced lunch students.

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