Andrew Rassweiler

Project Scientist
Marine Science Institute
University of California
Santa Barbara, CA 93106-6150


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Research interests: Marine Ecology

My main focus is on the mechanisms underlying sharp transitions in community state. Marine benthic systems are known for these sharp transitions, which manifest themselves both as spatial patchiness and as rapid changes in community composition. My graduate work used a combination of observational, experimental and theoretical approaches to explore the feedbacks that lead to these sudden shifts on reefs in the Santa Barbara Channel. I am continuing to pursue these questions in my postdoc, working to synthesize our results from the SBC LTER with insights from other LTER sites. My interest in kelp forest community dynamics caused me to be very involved in developing the methods used by the SBC-LTER to estimate primary productivity by giant kelp, and I continue to be active in collaborative analyses of these data as well.

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