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Principal Investigators

Dan Reed Lead PI, Kelp Forest Ecology
papers 805-893-8363
Sally Holbrook Co-PI, Marine Community Ecology
papers 805-893-3956
John Melack Co-PI, Hydrology and Biogeochemistry
papers 805-893-3879
Bob Miller Co-PI, Benthic Ecology
papers 805-893-6174
David Siegel Co-PI, Oceanography and Modeling
papers 805-893-4547

Project Investigators

Filipe Alberto Kelp Genetics
papers 414-229-6343
Ed Beighley Hydrology
Mark Brzezinski Biological Oceanography
papers 805-893-8605
Deron Burkepile Community ecology
Craig Carlson Marine Microbial Ecology
papers 805-893-2541
Max Castorani Marine Ecology
Kyle Cavanaugh Remote Sensing
papers 805-893-8116
Scott Cooper Stream Ecology
papers 805-893-4508
Carla D'Antonio Plant Communities, Wildfire
papers 805-893-2796
Jenifer Dugan Sandy Beach Ecology
papers 805-893-2675
Erika Eliason Fish ecology and evolution
papers 805-893-2966
Gretchen Hofmann Eco-physiology
papers 805-893-6175
Debora Iglesias-Rodriguez Phytoplankton Ecology
papers 805-893-4680
Hunter Lenihan Applied Marine Ecology
papers 805-893-8629
David Lopez-Carr Human-Environment Interactions
papers 805-893-4219
Sally MacIntyre Limnology and Oceanography
papers 805-893-3951
Jim McWilliams Nearshore Circulation Modeling
papers 310-206-2829
Mark Page Marine Community Ecology
papers 805-893-7568
Pete Raimondi Populations and Community Structure
papers 831-459-5674
Andrew Rassweiler Kelp Forest Community Ecology
papers 805-893-7823
Dar Roberts Terrestrial Biophysical Processes
papers 805-893-2276
Leonel Romero Coastal Circulation and Mixing
Joshua Schimel Ecosystem Ecology
papers 805-893-7688
Russell Schmitt Marine Community Ecology
papers 805-893-2051
Alex Simms Coastal Geology
papers 805-893-7292
Adrian Stier Ecosystem biodiversity and resilience
papers 805-893 5467
Naomi Tague Hydrology
papers 805-893-8579
Libe Washburn Physical Oceanography
papers 805-893-7367
Lizzy Wilbanks Microbial metabolism and biogeochemistry
papers 805-893-2601

Affiliated Investigators

Claudia Benitez-Nelson Marine Biogeochemistry
papers 803-777-0018
Bodo Bookhagen Terrestrial Sediment Transport
papers 805-893-3568
Jarrett Byrnes Kelp Forest Ecology
papers 617-287-6600
Chris Caldow Fisheries, Habitat restoration
papers 805-966-7107
Melanie Fewings Physical Oceanography
Brian Gaylord Hydrodynamics and Biomechanics
papers 707-875-1940
Anita Guerrini Environmental Restoration/History
papers 541-737-1308
Patricia Holden Environmental Microbiology
papers 805-893-3195
Matt Kay Applied Marine Ecology
papers 805-893-5054
Kristie Klose Stream Ecology
papers 805-893-7397
Al Leydecker Hydrology
papers 805-569-1748
Holly Moeller Community structure and function
papers 805-893-3216
Nick Nidzieko Coastal physical oceanography
papers 805-893-5674
Carter Ohlmann Physical and Optical Oceanography
papers 805-893-5303
Daniel Okamoto Community Ecology
Uta Passow Marine Carbon Cycle
papers 805-893-2363
Alyson Santoro Microbial nitrogen cycling
papers 805-893-5318
Steve Schroeter Kelp Forest, Intertidal and Wetland Ecology
papers 760-438-5953
Rachel Simons Hydrodynamics and Transport
Bill Wright Kelp Forest Ecology
papers 714-997-6954
Richard Zimmerman Algal Physiology and Ecology
papers 757-683-5991

Project Coordinator

Jenifer Dugan Sandy Beach Ecology
papers 805-893-2675

Information Management

Li Kui Information Manager
Margaret O'Brien Information Manager
papers 805-893-2071


Carol Blanchette Outreach Co-Director
Scott Simon Outreach Coordinator
papers 805-893-8765
Ali Whitmer Outreach Director
papers 805-893-6174

Post Doctoral Associates

Rosana Aguilera Hydrologic Modeling
Tom Bell Kelp forest carbon cycling
Alicia Cortes Physical oceanographic processes
Blair Goodridge Groundwater Biogeochemistry
Anna James Bacterioplankton, carbon cycling
Paul Matson Ocean Acidification
Jason Smith Biogeochemistry

Graduate Students

Dylan Catlett Siegel
Jannine Chamorro Hofmann
Helen Chen Melack
Xochitl Clare Hofmann
Daniel Dauhajre McWilliams
Bart DiFiore Stier
Kyle Emery Dugan, Miller, Siegel
Emily Hardison Eliason
Umi Hoshijima Hofmann
Nicholas Huynh Carlson
Jonathan Jones Passow, Brzezinski
Craig Koenigs Reed, Holbrook
Logan Kozal Hofmann
Krista Kraskura Eliason
Terence Leach Hofmann
Heili Lowman Melack
Stephanie Ma D'Antonio
Katrina Malakhoff Miller
Lindsay Marks Reed, Holbrook 805-893-7295
Joey Peters Burkepile, Miller, Reed 805-893-7295
Jade Sainz Gaines
Nicholas Schooler Dugan, Gaines 805-893-4123
David Vanderzee Miller
Zoe Welch Iglesias-Rodriguez
Erin Wetherley Roberts
Juliet Wong Hofmann
Christie Yorke Miller, Page, Brzezinski 805-893-7295


Brandon Doheny Collaborative project, non-native bryozoans
Chris Gotschalk Oceanographic Data Analsyis
Elisa Halewood Oceanography and Microbiology Sampling and Analysis 805-893-8087
Stuart Halewood Oceanographic Sampling and Data Analysis 805-893-7295
Shannon Harrer Reef Sampling and Data Analysis 805-893-7295
Janice Jones Oceanographic Sampling and Data Analysis 805-893-7061
Jessica Madden Collaborative project, kelp tracking
Matthew Meyerhof Watershed sampling and analysis 805-893-4203
Clint Nelson Reef Sampling and Data Analysis 805-893-7295
Keri Opalk Phytoplankton and Carbon Cycling Sampling and Analysis
David Salazar Oceanographic Sampling and Data Analysis 805-893-5822
Sarah Sampson Reef Sampling and Data Analysis
Cailan Sugano Ocean Acidification 831-459-5674
Andrea Valdez Phytoplankton and Carbon Cycling Sampling and Analysis

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