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Tue, 10 Feb 2015

Kelp influences sandy beaches
Kelp that washes onto our local beaches provides a very important, though understudied, resource upporting food webs in sandy ecosystems. A better understanding of the relationship between kelp forests and our sandy beaches will help to manage and preserve coastal ecosystems that are important to local residents and the economies that rely upon them. A new NSF-supported project led by SBC researchers Jenny Dugan, Bob Miller and Carter Ohlmann will provide needed new insights into the dynamics of connectivity between a donor ecosystem, kelp forests, and a recipient ecosystem, sandy beaches, by measuring intertidal community structure over time in response to variability in kelp input. The project will use the Santa Barbara Channel as the study region, and includes intensive work at a well-studied SBC LTER kelp forest (Mohawk Reef) and along 10 kilometers of adjacent coastline.
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