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Thu, 09 Oct 2014

UCSB scientists lead a team designing a Marine Biodiversity Observation Network
Researchers from UCSB, including several SBC LTER investigators, are joining the USGS, NOAA, NASA and BOEM to demonstrate a new prototype system - the Marine Biodiversity Observation Network. The local five-year project led by Bob Miller will focus on the Santa Barbara Channel. A total of three demonstration marine biological observation networks will be established in four locations: the Florida Keys and Monterey Bay, the Santa Barbara Channel, and the continental shelf of the Chukchi Sea in Alaska. The long-term goal is to expand the network to track diversity of marine organisms globally at scales ranging from microbes to whales. Marine biodiversity is a key indicator of ocean health and critical to sustaining natural resources such as fisheries. The networks will integrate data on large-scale sea-surface conditions observed by satellites with observations made in the ocean and the laboratory. They will build partnerships with existing long-term biodiversity efforts, explore innovative uses of new in situ observations and genomic techniques, and improve access to integrated biodiversity data (more information).
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