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Thu, 18 Jul 2013

Beach Crustaceans Suffering Localized Extinctions
A new study by SBC researchers David Hubbard and Jenny Dugan shows that two endemic isopods are suffering localized extinctions on beaches ascross Southern California. As indicators of beach biodiversity and essential prey for shorebirds, their disappearance suggests a threat to sand-dwelling animals across the state and around the world. Hubbard and Dugan's work reveals a trend toward extirpation that has began in 1905, and reflects the impact of development, climate change, and sea level rise. Throughout southern California, these isopods have vanished from about 60% of beaches where they were recorded 100 years ago. Barring the quick implementation of effective conservation strategies for sandy beaches, the isopods - and several other species - may be wiped out altogether (full story).
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