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Thu, 01 Oct 2009

Three major fires burn Santa Barbara Coastal watersheds in less than a year
Two major blazes, the Tea fire in November 2008 and the Jesusita Fire in May 2009, have occurred in the Santa Barbara area since the July 2008 GAP Fire that charred nearly 10,000 acres of watershed lands in the Goleta foothills, resulting in the loss of nearly 300 homes. The total acreage burned in less than one year in these three fires exceeds 20,000 acres of watershed lands located in and above the cities of Santa Barbara and Goleta. Additional information and maps is available from the County Public Works Department. SBC-LTER collects data that will help evaluate the effects of these 3 major fires on the composition of runoff and stream discharge in a variety of catchments. Automated monitoring instruments such as rainfall gauges, a stream flow gauge and a remote solar powered webcam maintained by the USGS and cooperating agencies were added on San Pedro Creek in Goleta in 2008. Real time data for stream flow are available on the USGS website, and are also harvested by the Climate and Hydrology Database (CLIM/HYDRODB).
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