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Mon, 01 Dec 2008

New webcam and instruments to monitor conditions following the 2008 Gap fire
In response to the July 2008 GAP fire that charred nearly 10,000 acres of watershed lands in the Goleta foothills, the USGS and cooperating agencies have installed new automated monitoring instruments, including three rainfall gauges, a stream flow gauge and a remote webcam on San Pedro Creek in Goleta. Two of the new gauges are located in the upper reaches, and the third in agricultural land, between Fairview Avenue and Los Carneros Road. Data are collected every 15 minutes, then transmitted by satellite to USGS, and by microwave radio to Santa Barbara County Flood Control. The solar-powered webcam monitors one of the waterfalls on San Pedro Creek, providing real time visual information on creek conditions. Real time data for stream flow are available on the USGS website ( These data will also be harvested for the Climate and Hydrology Database (CLIMDB/HYDRODB). The remote webcam can be accessed at: (
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