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Thu, 01 Dec 2011

SBC website adds LTER-projectDB, Phase I
IProjectDB is a cross-site collaborative project of LTER information managers to create software tools to track and catalog research projects, providing the potential to document research and to present inkages between descriptions and related material such as for personnel, data or publications. For SBC, phase I included a) descriptions of broad research themes stored in SBC-Metacat and exported as lter-project XML, and b) browsing using SBC keywords groups for "Habitat" and "Core Research Area" in a manner similar to that used by the SBC data catalog. Connections to related data were accomplished by duplicating queries to appropriate SBC data collections. In future phases, SBC projectDB will incorporate descriptions of specific activities, such as sampling campaigns and student projects. We will also plan linkages from each activity to related research themes. A description of the project can be found in the LTER Information Managers Committee Newsletter "Databits", Fall 2011 issue.
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