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Mon, 26 Sep 2011

Annual LTER IMC meeting hosted in Santa Barbara
During late September 2011 the LTER Information Managers Committee (IMC) gathered in Santa Barbara for their annual meeting and the 2011 Environmental Information Management Conference (EIMC). The EIMC is co-hosted by LTER as a mechanism to share knowledge among information management practitioners from many agencies and research groups. A variety of topics - both LTER-specific and general - were featured through a mixed venue of workshops, oral presentations, demonstrations and posters. Local information managers Margaret O'Brien (SBC) and M. Gastil-Buhl (MCR) acted as hosts for their colleagues. The group also toured SBC's local features, including the MSI REEF facility and coastal bluffs, views of watersheds, the channel and islands, and a visit to one of SBC's permanent beach sampling sites where they met beach ecologist, Jenny Dugan. More information about the meetings can be found at the LTER IMC Website.
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