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Tue, 02 Oct 2012

SBC website adds sampling sites, Phase I
As part of upgrades for SBC-III, the SBC website added a dynamic map of sampling sites for all ongoing long-term time-series. The map replaces out-of-date static maps used since 2005. Groups of sites are selectable by habitat (watershed, beach, reef and/or inshore) or by individual time-series. The controls include links to the appropriate data collection(s).
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Mon, 16 Jul 2012

Information managers discuss approaches to data discovery during China visit
In June 2012, the International Long Term Ecological Research (ILTER) Network hosted a workshop in Shanghai, China for representatives from the US, China, Israel, UK, Korea, Taiwan, Japan to examine tools to facilitate data exchange across the 40 member networks. SBC information manager, Margaret O'Brien, was invited to present SBC work on the Extensible Ontology for Observations (OBOE), with examples of how ontological systems can be applied to multilingual searches. This work is supported by the Semtools project (NSF/DBI). O'Brien is also a participates in the LTER IMC working group developing a controlled vocabulary with SKOS, which was also featured at the workshop. Other participants from US LTER sites were Kristin Vanderbilt (SEV), John Porter (AND), (SBC), and Don Henshaw (AND).
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Thu, 01 Dec 2011

SBC website adds LTER-projectDB, Phase I
IProjectDB is a cross-site collaborative project of LTER information managers to create software tools to track and catalog research projects, providing the potential to document research and to present inkages between descriptions and related material such as for personnel, data or publications. For SBC, phase I included a) descriptions of broad research themes stored in SBC-Metacat and exported as lter-project XML, and b) browsing using SBC keywords groups for "Habitat" and "Core Research Area" in a manner similar to that used by the SBC data catalog. Connections to related data were accomplished by duplicating queries to appropriate SBC data collections. In future phases, SBC projectDB will incorporate descriptions of specific activities, such as sampling campaigns and student projects. We will also plan linkages from each activity to related research themes. A description of the project can be found in the LTER Information Managers Committee Newsletter "Databits", Fall 2011 issue.
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Mon, 26 Sep 2011

Annual LTER IMC meeting hosted in Santa Barbara
During late September 2011 the LTER Information Managers Committee (IMC) gathered in Santa Barbara for their annual meeting and the 2011 Environmental Information Management Conference (EIMC). The EIMC is co-hosted by LTER as a mechanism to share knowledge among information management practitioners from many agencies and research groups. A variety of topics - both LTER-specific and general - were featured through a mixed venue of workshops, oral presentations, demonstrations and posters. Local information managers Margaret O'Brien (SBC) and M. Gastil-Buhl (MCR) acted as hosts for their colleagues. The group also toured SBC's local features, including the MSI REEF facility and coastal bluffs, views of watersheds, the channel and islands, and a visit to one of SBC's permanent beach sampling sites where they met beach ecologist, Jenny Dugan. More information about the meetings can be found at the LTER IMC Website.
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Thu, 14 Apr 2011

Users monitor tsunami with SBC website
Our oceanographic instruments deployed at Stearns Wharf were on hand to record the effects of the tsunami wave that swept across the Pacific Ocean following a magnitude 9.0 earthquake off the coast of Japan on Saturday, March 12, 2011. In cooperation with PISCO and SCCOOS, we regularly record seawater temperature, salinity, and sea-level height (reported as tide height), and data are available in near real-time. As with the Chilean earthquake last year, there was evidence of tsunami waves on our instruments. In the figure below, the tsunami signal appears to start at approximately the low-tide, about 9am. The traffic on our website was also notable; traffic to the Stearns Wharf site was up more than 25-fold on Friday (the first day of the tsunami). The wave appears to have echoed in the channel for several days. And clearly, many users were curious about the behavior of the wave as it dissapated, and visited the site often during the next week. As long as the tsunami was evident, traffic to our website increased 10-20 times over normal rates.
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Thu, 01 Oct 2009

Semantic Tools for Ecological Data Management (Semtools)
The Semantic Tools for Data Management (Semtools) project is tackling critical issues in the management and use of heterogeneous scientific data. Existing approaches to managing data and associated metadata fail to adequately capture the semantics of the scientific process, thereby impeding the utility of those data for important scientific issues. Semtools will provide new capabilities for data access, discovery, integration, and visualization by developing software tools that utilize semantically annotated data and metadata. This project will create semantic enhancements to the EML structured metadata format, the Morpho metadata editing software, and the Metacat metadata and data management system. Semtools is a collaboration between NCEAS, UC Davis, and the Santa Barbara Coastal LTER. Funded in 2008 by the National Science Foundation - DBI-0743429.
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Wed, 13 May 2009

EML 2.1.0 Released
An upgrade of our data exchange specificiation, Ecological Metadata Language (EML-2.1.0) is now available at SBC LTER's Information manager acted as the coordinator for the release of this version.
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Tue, 01 Apr 2008

SBC Publications DB makes use of XQuery.
All citations in SBC's publications database have been added to the eXist database and can be queried using XQuery, a specification approved by the W3C in 2007. It is expected to be available on the public website by the end of February. See dev version at:
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Mon, 14 Jan 2008

SBC News is syndicated.
News items submitted to SBC are stored in RSS format making them available for syndication. To submit stories, contact Jenny Dugan, or Margaret O'Brien. SBC news is delivered with "blogging" software, and RSS feeds on individual pages are powered by software from Both products are open source. Contact Margaret for more information.
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Wed, 01 Mar 2006

SBC Bibliography - Phase I launched
The first phase of SBC's bibliography database has been launched at Citations and presentations since the start of the project can be searched by author, and are also linked from names on SBC's People page. The database is being developed using EML and Metacat, and the next version will employ searches based on author, citation type, year and keyword.
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